The loop of the Patriarchs

The scenic route on the southern spurs of Mt Pollino. We are going to climb to 2000 meters and then go down to Mt Pollinello (1,820 m), crossing the area of the "Patriarchs" : Pinus Leucodermis with an estimated age of 1000 years. Along the way, I will be glad to introduce you to the "Slinger", the "Rag", the "Harpy", the "Beech trees with long arms", the "Squid" and other fantastic trees, and then stop to take photos of orchids, fritillaria, botrichio. The view on the Valley of Coscile with Morano Calabro and Castrovillari and the Mountain of Orsomarso, showed me more than once amazing sightings of griffins, golden eagles and a threatening attack by a peregrine falcon.
Level: medium - Altitude gain: 400 m – Duration: 5 h – Distance: 12 km


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Please find here the appropriate level for your hike:
  • Green - For beginners: people who have little hiking skills, kids at their first hike experience, schools. Hiking shoes or gym shoes are recommended.
  • Yellow - For medium hikers: adults used to the mountains but don't want to walk on rough trails, kids used to walk and schools with experience. Hiking shoes or god gym shoes are a must.
  • Red - For expert hikers: adults that are used to walk on difficult trails and that are well equipped against adverse weather conditions. Hiking shoes are a must.