Easy walking at Piano Ruggio

A walk in the hearth of the National Park will allow you to discover the environment of beech trees, Bosnian Pines, stories of transhumance, lumberjacks and coalmen. The trail, above 1600 m als, is suitable for all those who want to have a first approach to the hiking or who like to enjoy a walk in the nature.
Level: easy - Altitude gain: 129 m – Duration: 3 h – Distance: 7 km


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Please find here the appropriate level for your hike:
  • Green - For beginners: people who have little hiking skills, kids at their first hike experience, schools. Hiking shoes or gym shoes are recommended.
  • Yellow - For medium hikers: adults used to the mountains but don't want to walk on rough trails, kids used to walk and schools with experience. Hiking shoes or god gym shoes are a must.
  • Red - For expert hikers: adults that are used to walk on difficult trails and that are well equipped against adverse weather conditions. Hiking shoes are a must.