Monte Pollinello: Junkers 88

Easy hike, suitable for all, on almost flat trail to the summit of Mount Pollinello (1820 m). Along the path you meet beautiful specimens of Bosnian Pine of all ages. From the top you can see a splendid view of Calabria and on the rocky ridges of the mountain scenery of the mysterious crash of a German aircraft (Junkers Ju 88) during the Second World War. It returns on the same street.
Level: easy - Altitude gain: 220 m – Duration: 3 h


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Please find here the appropriate level for your hike:
  • Green - For beginners: people who have little hiking skills, kids at their first hike experience, schools. Hiking shoes or gym shoes are recommended.
  • Yellow - For medium hikers: adults used to the mountains but don't want to walk on rough trails, kids used to walk and schools with experience. Hiking shoes or god gym shoes are a must.
  • Red - For expert hikers: adults that are used to walk on difficult trails and that are well equipped against adverse weather conditions. Hiking shoes are a must.