There is no pure land now. No safe place. Come with us into the mountains
Laurie Anderson

From Pollino to Matera

From Pollino National Park to Matera Town: The essence of Basilicata. From the a... Read more

Are you ready for a fabulous trip with Viaggiare Nel Pollino?
What do we do

At Viaggiare nel Pollino we focus on sustainable tourism! Our activities respect Nature and promote local traditions and the safeguard of the environment.

Pollino National Park

The Pollino National Park is rich of natural and cultural treasures. Explore it with one of the guides of Viaggiare nel Pollino!

Orchids Photo Hunting

As beautiful as unknown, wild orchids dot our meadows and forests in spring. The hunt for the most beautiful and rarest ones begins in March and ends in September.

In one day you can visit dozens of sites and “capture” the prettiest orchids in the Pollino National Park.